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  • Ground Operation
  • Passenger Service
  • Vip Service
  • Ambulance Servis
  • Cargo Service
Ramp Operations
Efficient ground handling services at your destination can be equally important as the flight itself. We have many years of experience in dealing with ground handling equipments  suppliers around the world and can recommend and arrange the handling appropriate for your flight. Credit facilities for approved clients are also available. It is not what you know, but who you know that makes for a smooth experience.
speed jet ground handling arrange the follows :

-  Ground power unit /GPU  
-  Air starter unit   / ASU
-  Air  condition unit / ACU  
- Toilet Service    
- Water Service    
- Aircraft internal cleaning    
- Aircraft Push back & Towing    
- Passengers steps   
- Maintenance steps    
- VIP Ramp transportation    
- VIP Lounge ( Arrival & Departure )   
- VIP customs & Immigration    
- VIP Catering    
- A/C security    
- Load /Off Load      
- Passengers counter check in  ( charter & regularflights )   
- Lost & found    
- Ambulance  flights  coordination

Airport Co-ordination
Access to airports is now regulated by slots. We will take care of the onerous task of slot co-ordination.

Flight following
we monitor the progress of your flight from engine start to arrival at your destination; constantly checking the progress of your flight, the weather en route and at the destination. We will pro actively liaise and work as the diversion control center in the event of your aircraft diverting.

Through our good relationships with all kind of the hotels through our handling network , we are able to arrange suitable hotel accommodation for both flight crew and passengers if required, often at preferential rates.

Customs and Immigration Clearance
Speed jet gives a great importance to improve our VIP Services, thus we see to that all our passengers & crew does not have to stand in line to go through Customs & immigration formalities, we make sure formalities are done in a speedy and organized manner, making sure all necessary documents are submitted for clearance on entry and departure of your aircraft
At the main time we pleased to provide VIP customs , immigration services through the VIP lounge if requested .

Our operations team arranges the best transfer possible to accommodate all our clients to make their journey more comfortable between airport and hotel,To accommodate Crew , VIP transportation we do arrange and provide Crew , VIP transportations to meet all VIP requirements luxury cars ,luxury van as well .

  • Counter check in
  • Automated check-in DCS and Amadeus System
  • Automated & Manual baggage label
  • Baggage's security screen
  • LDM
  • Lost & Found
  • Ramp Operations
  • VIP Passengers Lounge
  • VIP Passengers ramp transportation
  • Crew ramp transportation
  • Baggage's handling with security facilities arrival / Departure
  • VIP customs & Immigrations
  • VIP passengers transportation from/to airport
  • Crew transportation from/to airport
  • Passengers visa
  • Crew visa


  • Communication coordination with the Hospital for the patient transfer to the aircraft
  • Handling arrangement for medical crew arrival/departure
  • Medical crew transportation from/to airport
  • Ambulance equipped car arrangement
  • Ambulance car airport authority clearance to aircraft " Ramp "
  • VIP immigration & Customs' services for the patient & accompanied

Airfreight shipments spend up to 90% of their total lead time on the ground. The choice of handling company is therefore very important for the quality of the cargo service provided. Quite simply: it is the ground handling that makes the difference.

This is why we put our heart into ensuring that your shipment moves smoothly and rapidly through our system. Well-equipped facilities, combined with highly competent and motivated staff, cut handling times significantly. In fact, our handling times are among the shortest in the world.

  • Bonded Warehousing
  • Cargo and Mail Handling
  • Full Freighter Ramp Handling
  • Full Export & Import Document Handling including AWB Check & Data Capture
  • ULD Control and Management
  • Trucking
  • Cargo Screening
  • Back Office Support
  • Planning & Disposition
  • Customs Clearance
  • Ready for Carriage Service
  • Break bulk and distribution facilities
  • Combi aircraft varying from F100 u/i B747

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